If you're interested in the mineral makeup Color&Soul offers, but you still have questions, take a look at the list below—your question may have already been answered! If you're still missing the answer you're looking for, go ahead and contact us or give us a call, and we'll gladly address any issues or concerns you may have.

1. What are loose mineral cosmetics?

Essentially, loose mineral cosmetics, also called bare mineral makeup, are comprised of naturally occurring minerals that have been used for cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. (Cleopatra used crushed mica as her body shimmer.) These minerals are mined from around the world, purified, and crushed into fine powders. If this sounds too exotic for you, realize that cosmetic companies use these same minerals to add color, texture, and luster to everything from eyeshadow and lipstick to hair color. They're even in your tube of toothpaste! Many of these minerals have a special luster that, when applied to the skin, give the face a lovely glow, lending a healthy, youthful appearance to blemished or aged skin.

2. Why loose?

Loose mineral cosmetics are catching on in popularity for a very good reason. It is the most natural makeup available on the market. Just think about how your face feels when you apply a liquid foundation, and you won't be surprised to discover that in order to create a liquid foundation, manufacturers add water, oil, waxes, petrochemicals, synthetic humectants, gums, and fillers (like talc) to the mineral colorants. They also add dyes and preservatives. Our loose, dry minerals don't require preservatives, and all of those other irritating ingredients are completely unnecessary. The natural pigments blend easily on the skin and provide superior coverage due to the lack of cheap fillers.

3. Why don't the popular makeup lines sell mineral cosmetics?

Large cosmetics companies are corporations that are designed to generate profit. Your skin's health is not their concern. Natural minerals cost much more than cheap synthetic fillers and dyes. The bottom line of these corporations is profit. Ours is quality, purity, and performance. Our vision is to provide natural cosmetic products that will enable women to achieve the look that they want without chemicals.

4. Will my skin break out?

If you have sensitive skin and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then natural mineral makeup is for you. While even good quality mineral cosmetics do not carry a guarantee, the likelihood of a reaction is rare. The most irritating ingredients in most cosmetics are talc, dye, and perfume. Our products are free of all of these ingredients.

5. What about a sunscreen?

One of the main ingredients in our loose mineral foundation is micronized zinc and micronized titanium dioxide. These naturally occurring minerals effectively block both UVA and UVB rays, without an irritating chemical sunscreen. Our products have a very high SPF, and we recommend wearing a sunscreen of some form on your face every day. Melanoma is on the rise (even among women of color) and can be fatal. Also, if you notice tiny lines on your face, these symptoms of aging come primarily from sun-damage, not from dryness.

6. Can I use Color&Soul natural cosmetics if I have acne?

Our mineral foundation has the best coverage of any cosmetic on the market. Using Color&Soul mineral foundation will transform your life. Instead of worrying about unattractive blemishes or running to the mirror every few hours to do touchups, with just a quick brush of the powder, your face will appear completely unblemished, from morning until night.
Even more importantly, the health and condition of your skin will actually improve with regular use of our mineral foundation. The minerals not only soothe inflamed skin, but have superior oil control. Our foundation is virtually waterproof and fade-proof.

7. Can Color&Soul mineral cosmetics match my skin tone?

Color&Soul specializes in producing natural-looking foundation shades, because all of our formulations are created on real women, tailor-made for one face at a time. Because our primary client base is centered in ethnically diverse areas, we are constantly working hands-on with women of all complexions. Our line is customized to complement the many different undertones that our customers represent.

8. What different ways can Color&Soul mineral cosmetics be used?

Our loose mineral powders can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipgloss, blush, and nail polish. If you use them every day, they will last you from 4 months to a year. Our mineral foundation lasts up to 6 months and acts as concealer, powder, and sunscreen, all in one.

9. Could I learn to tailor-make mineral makeup for myself or others?

Color&Soul offers both a comprehensive makeup training program and one of the most lucrative consultant opportunities in the cosmetic industry, with commissions and bonuses exceeding 65%. No prior experience in cosmetics is necessary to train to be successful in this business. Call Color&Soul for more information.

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