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Color&Soul is dedicated to the promotion of holistic esthetics and healthy skin from within. We believe that beautiful skin begins from within and is supported by good nutrition, targeted supplementation, professional esthetic care, and cosmetics that are good for the skin. Color&Soul was created by Julie Pittman (left), a Holistic Skin Specialist.
Julie Pittman is a 31-year veteran makeup artist and skin specialist with a special expertise in ethnic skin. She has been custom blending makeup and training other artists to do the same for the last 28 years. Color&Soul tailor-made minerals makeup is the ultimate combination of great skin care and gorgeous color, especially for women of all colors! Try it once, and you'll believe.

Before - Contact us in Ft. Washington, Maryland, for mineral makeup and skin care products for African Americans! After - Contact us in Ft. Washington, Maryland, for mineral makeup and skin care products for African Americans!

"I have lived with vitiligo for over 40 years. I have had to wear heavy, greasy, thick cream coverup makeup that did not even match my skin. Color & Soul is the first makeup to match my skin and cover my vitiligo with no heavy feeling at all. I can't believe how light it is. And on top of all that, I've gone from 5 or six steps to cover my spots down to 2 steps! Thanks Color & Soul." 
-Darlene, Upper Marlboro, MD

Our Incredible Mineral Makeup

Eight years ago, Color&Soul tailor-made mineral makeup launched in the Bahamas. After noticing an outstanding demand for this product, we've quickly brought it to you. Look for our infomercial soon, or read one of our brochures to learn more about our mineral makeup for African American and other women of color. You too can experience our revolutionary new "skin care in color!" Click here to see our full menu of services.
Natural SPF—Helps prevent sun damage to your skin. It is important to block the sun's damaging rays and protect skin. While women of color tend not to wrinkle as much as caucasion women, sun damage can cause a breakdown in the elastin/collagen fibers in the skin, which leads to sagging (deep mouth and forehead lines, sagging jawlines and "turkey" neck). And then there is the problem of discolorations that won't fade and uneven skin tones brought on by too much sun. Good sun protection will also help the process of fading dark spots caused by acne scarring by protecting your skin from re-pigmentation from sun exposure.
No Ash—Because most mineral makeup has titanium dioxide and a mixture of other ingredients, it creates an "ashy" look on women of color. Our mineral makeup is made to prevent this effect and to look and feel like your skin.

Personal mineral consultations are given individually or in small groups of 3-5 by a certified Color&Soul Consultant.
Improves skin condition with continued use.
Contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which block UV rays.
Ideal for sensitive, acne-prone, or damaged skin as well as skin with rosacea.
Does not clog pores, allowing skin to breathe.
Recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
Promotes and speeds up healing after treatments or surgery.
Color&Soul mineral makeup comes with your own personal color consultant, who has been trained to mix Color&Soul foundation pigments and mica blends to exactly match and complement your skin tones. Experience your ultimate vision of perfect foundation as your consultant tailor-makes:
Mineral Foundation Powder
Blush & Bronzers
Eye Shadow, Liners, & Brow Color
Lip Color Pots & Gloss
Body Highlights

Color and Soul Mineral Makeup
People of color have 38 specific pigmentations of skin where our caucasian counterparts have only 8 pigmentation variations. Women of color require mostly yellow/gold-based makeup and sometimes copper/red or even olive/green bases, while most caucasians use pink-based makeup. Our mineral makeup does not turn your skin orangey or "ashy" because it is made with the yellow/golden and other pigment rich undertones your skin needs.
With Color&Soul, your face will not look dull, ashy, or cakey. The mineral makeup covers the skin in a micro-sheer dusting that is incredibly light and breathable, allowing the skin's true radiance to shine through. Simultaneously, your skin tone is evened out with complete coverage and a lightweight, creamy finish that leaves you looking rested and younger. Color&Soul makes each shade of powder with an extra-micronized zinc oxide and an increased ratio of pigment oxides which eliminates that powdery appearance and delivers rich, yet weightless color perfectly matched to a broad variety of skin tones and hues.
Color&Soul mineral foundation can be used as concealer, foundation, powder, and sunscreen all in one. It can even be mixed with your favorite moisturizer for extra coverage or added dewiness. Color&Soul eye, lip, and cheek mica blends may be used wet or dry as eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow tint, blush, bronzer, lip color, and body shimmer. The colors are sheer but may also be applied in layers for an opaque effect. Our pure, natural shades are formulated to complement the skin, not hide it. You'll love the radiant glow of your skin after using this revolutionary new "skin care in color"!
Regular makeup would call for concealer, foundation and translucent powder to cover and balance this much discoloration. Not with Color & Soul. These clients are wearing one powder for complete coverage, yet it feels like she has nothing on! Your tailor-made mineral blend is your foundation, concealer and translucent powder all-in-one.


Color & Soul Mineral Foundations are NOT talc-based translucent powders. It's pure natural pigments that are blended to match your normal skintone. Our goal is to make your flaws match your pretty skin.


A touch of BB n Brown in "Honey Chile" begins the healing process and serves as a light base for her mineral blend. For extra coverage we simply mixed a few grains of her mineral blend with her own moisturizer and dabbed it over some of the darker spots followed by a light dusting of the same mineral powder. Now that's the Color & Soul way!

Even if you have flawless skin, minerals enhance, repair and protect the skin to help you maintain your baby face. Finding the right color can be difficult. As you look at the colors below, it is our hope that the models shown will help you select your perfect shade. Don't hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions. Your feedback is wanted and appreciated.

Selecting Your Color
Is simple. Just choose a shade from one of four categories:
Gold, Copper, Jade, Sapphire or Ivory
then decide if you are
Light, Medium or Dark in that category
See the models below to get an idea of the color category that fits you.

IVORY LIGHT is a beautifully balanced light beige with not too much yellow and not too much red. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be VANILLA SISTA.

IVORY MEDIUM is very light but pinky-tanned beige skintones. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be PASSIN CREAM or VANILLA SISTA if you needed to tone down some reds in your skintone.

I am a GOLD LIGHT. Yellow-tan skin with yellow undertones. My BB-n-Brown shade is HIGH YELLA.

GOLD MEDIUM is for golden brown skin tones with more yellow understones and very little red. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be HONEY BUTTER or CARMEL CREAM if you want a little copper added to your finished look.

GOLD DARK is for deep golden brown skin that shows more brown with only a few areas of yellow undertone but still very little or no red. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be HONEY BUTTER or PECAN TAN if you want a warmer brown finished look.

COPPER LIGHT is for pinkish-beige skin tones with yellow undertones. Your BB-n-Brown color is RED BONE

COPPER MEDIUM is for skin with lots of reddish beige or brown tones. This is a great color for Carribean-tanned and cinnamon-brown complexions. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be CARIBBEAN GIRL or HONEY CHILE if you want a little more brown in your finished look.

COPPER DARK is for chocolate-brown skin with that hint of cinnamon which is great on rich brown skin with redder undertones. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be SWEET COFFEE or PECAN TAN if you need to tone down redness a little.

SAPPHIRE LIGHT is for for creamy light skin tones with a balance of pink and yellow undertones. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be PASSIN CREAM or MEDITARRANEAN if like your tone to be a little more tanned.

Our SAPPHIRE DARK is the darkest mineral foundation shade we have to date. Don't let the flash from the camera fool you. She looks lighter in the picture. However this lovely lady has the most beautiful, smooth, "blue-black" skin tone I have ever seen! SAPPHIRE disappeared into her skin without out a speck of "ashiness" and without making her lighter than what she is. There is no makeup on her neck. Your BB-N-Brown cream would be KEDAR.

JADE LIGHT is for light olive beige skin tones with yellow undertones. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be MEDITERRANEAN or RED BONE if needed a little more red in your finished look.

JADE MEDIUM is a true tan/brown that is for deeper olive brown skin tones with a little red undertone. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be CARAMEL CREAM.

JADE DARK is for dark olive brown skin tones with more yellow in the undertone. Your BB-n-Brown cream would be MECCA
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